Patients support of Living Arts during sunrise review

Submitted by Living Medial Arts PLLC

Naturopathic Medicine just had a DOH sunrise review targeted on increasing our scope to help more people in Washington state. Living Medical Arts PLLC. reached out to our patients and asked them to submit a response if Dr. Gulla or any other ND had helped them.

For those unfamiliar with a sunrise review, the Institute of Justice website describes it as “a process by which states evaluate the need for new occupational regulations, particularly new regulations of personal qualifications such as licensing, state certification and mandatory registration. Some states also review changes to existing regulations, such as amendments to scope of practice laws that define the tasks practitioners may perform, but this report looks only at reviews of new regulations.”

The Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians wrote to their members:

“We were plenty thrilled by the realization that our relatively tiny profession managed to submit over 60 percent of the written comments and that all comments submitted by our doctors were unique and heartfelt. We were absolutely amazed that nearly 70 percent of the supportive comments were actually submitted your patients! We are so grateful to all of you for spreading the word on this and for providing the type of incredible competent care that inspires this many patients to take the time to send e-mails sharing their stories about how naturopathic physicians have changed their lives,”

Dr. Gulla was listed as one of the physicians that had the most written letters in support, with the WANP stating “We want to send special shout-outs to several WANP members who were named by patience over adn over again… Dr. Alethea Fleming, Dr. Mandy Gulla, several naturopathic physicians at the Institute for Complementary Medicine… and several naturopathic physicians at SageMed… We see you and the efforts you made on behalf of our entire profession.”

Dr. Gulla thanks everyone who came out in support of the work and the incredible art of Naturopathic Medicine.

“Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a letter to the DOH,” she said.