Yes for Lindstrum | Letters

This election is crucial for those of us who believe in the reproductive rights of women and men and in the right to death with dignity. With Barbara Sharp’s term expiring, we need to elect someone with an equally strong commitment to these rights. There was only one candidate at the candidates forum on Oct. 3 who was willing to stand strong for these rights for all of us: Anna Lisa Lindstrum.

Louise Dustrude

Friday Harbor

We support Anna Lisa Lindstrum for election as commissioner of Public Hospital District 1 because of the perspective she would bring to healthcare issues on our island. A 17-year island resident, she has experience in health care and in business as current general manager at Duck Soup. Her goals are to work for affordable health care for everyone on the island, to support EMS to ensure it will always be here, and to support Planned Parenthood in Friday Harbor as well as Washington State’s Death with Dignity Act. Anna Lisa would bring commitment and caring as a commissioner of the Hospital District.

John and Emily Geyman

San Juan Island

I wanted to write to support Anna Lisa Lindstrum for Hospital Commission Position 2. I have been living a few houses down from Anna Lisa for about 17 years, and have always known her as someone who is extremely responsible, kind and compassionate. I know she would be an extremely suited for this position and I encourage anyone and everyone who is eligible to vote for candidates for this position to vote for her. I have also always known Anna Lisa as a champion for women’s health care and for Planned Parenthood, as Planned Parenthood Votes is supporting for this position as she plans to champion women’s healthcare. Alternatively, her opponent does not. At an important time for women’s health care, and affordable health care in this country, I encourage all of you to vote for the best candidate for this position.

Julia Keane

San Juan Island

Even though women have made many strides towards equality over the past 50 years or so, more recent events show that such progress cannot be taken for granted. One area of concern is women’s health care. Anna Lisa Lindstrum, candidate for Hospital District Commissioner, has clearly stated her support for comprehensive reproductive health care, and health care for all.

I’m proud of Anna Lisa for stepping up to run for elected office at a time when we need bright young minds to get involved in all levels of government. She is intelligent and well-spoken. Please join me in voting for Anna Lisa!

Nancy DeVaux

San Juan Island

I am writing this letter in support of Anna Lisa Lindstrum for commissioner for the San Juan County Public Hospital District 1. Anna Lisa has the skill set necessary to be an effective commissioner on our local hospital boards, and she is the general manager of an island business so understands the budgeting processes. Anna Lisa is running for the seat vacated by Barbara Sharp.

Anna Lisa is committed to working with Peace Island Medical Center for the delivery of quality health care. In conjunction with Peace Health, she is a supporter of, as well as has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood to deliver important women’s health care, birth control, family planning, etc. at sliding scale rates. She is an advocate for the continuation of our outstanding EMS services on the island knowing how important these life-saving services are to our community. As well, Anna Lisa has become involved with the situation at Life Care Center. She understands the need for this facility in our community.

Please join me in supporting Anna Lisa for commissioner of the San Juan County Public Hospital District #1, she has the best interests of the entire community in mind regarding the “overall health of our community.”

Kerwin Johson

Friday Harbor