Yes for Lekanoff | Letter

Debra Lekanoff is running for the 40th Legislative District seat currently held by Washington state Rep. Kristine Lytton, who is stepping down. Lytton has been a solid voice for our district and the issues that matter since 2010. Kristine is supporting Debra as her successor, and so are we.

There are four strong, progressive candidates in this race, but Debra gives us a fantastic opportunity to elect a woman and a person of color to represent us, and frankly, we think this is critical.

Progressives need to accept that the status quo is not working. Vast numbers of registered voters do not show up to the polls, because they do not believe the candidates they are offered will represent them. If we want to reverse the corporate stranglehold on our politics, we need to offer disenchanted voters a reason to turn out on election day. They need to see themselves represented in Olympia and in Washington D.C. Electing candidates like Debra to prominent positions make this a real possibility.

We aren’t suggesting that anyone vote for a candidate simply because of gender or race. We don’t vote that way. But in this election, we have a strong candidate, one with a solid track record of community service and a willingness to fight for us in a difficult political climate.

Debra Lekanoff is strong on environmental issues, education, employment and the economy. She is endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice WA, EMILY’s List, the Orcas Women’s Coalition, SEIU Local 925 and the United Food and Commercial Workers, along with many other prominent individuals and organizations. Check out her website for more.

We need elected leaders who reflect the diversity of our communities. Please join us in voting for Debra Lekanoff on Aug. 7.

Sandy Strehlou and David Meiland

San Juan Island