Shared Future | Letters

OK, I know this is a far-fetched idea….but would you expect anything different? Affordable rental housing in Friday Harbor (and many places) is a huge problem, but we’re such a unique creative democratic, can-do population. I know we can solve this community dilemma.

First, a poem by Thuc Donall, written in Fremont Washington, 8/06, on an art piece I bought just two years after I came here.

“A look at the future we ‘d all like to see,

politics war global warming the economy

but the fates are fickle and don’t really care,

so just remember it’s a future we all share”

It’s got a big glass eye in the middle of a game board with choices to land yes, no, maybe?!!

My idea in a nutshell: For one year we give to the nonprofits we always give to but give a half to an affordable rental housing fund (not established). Yes, donations will be less to nonprofits, for one year, but the service industry, which we all depend on, will not have to scramble for the few places to live. Building rental affordable apartments can happen if we work together, volunteer, more, do neighborhood potlucks, invite old fashioned no-cost fun in our homes, parks, beaches, mountains, go without the extras, go on a money diet ,knowing the dollars put into this fund will be spent to buy the land, pay the builders and get a stronger happier community taken care of very simply.

Thanks for reading.

Francie Hansen

San Juan Island

P.S. I did get talked into doing the Trashion Fashion Show this August at the county fair.