Farhad for mayor | Letters

I have known Farhad for many years. He is always a caring, concerned, attentive friend and fair minded in business. Farhad shares our community values and appreciates all the fine qualities of living here that we all love. His experience as a councilman has readied him well for his next role as Mayor. Please vote for Farhad, we will all benefit!

Lynn Danaher

San Juan Island

I am recommending Farhad Ghatan as Mayor of Friday Harbor in the upcoming election. I have known him as a friend and neighbor for 21 years.

Before Farhad bought and renovated Blair House B and B, he was the owner of several businesses. Among them was the Harrison House Suites. He often walked down the hill bringing his friends here at the Harrison Condos (no connection) special treats which delighted us all – did I mention that Farhad is a gourmet cook?

He has often invited the neighbors to walk up to his home and pick raspberries and taste his honey, among his other talents, Farhad is a beekeeper and horticulturist.

Farhad has been involved with the town council for a number of years. He is a great organizer. He has done so much for our island in so many ways, both as a participant and as a leader. Many things jump out at me when I consider Farhad. Not the least of them is his work in the community theater. He has performed many times as a concert pianist and leader of a men’s choir.

We can do no better than to elect Farhad Ghatan as mayor of Friday Harbor.

Mary Frances McElfresh

Friday Harbor