Operation Blackout Reviews – Overpriced Guide or Real Teddy Daniels Survival Book Worth It? [2024 Update]

Americans face threats from many fronts in 2024. The Biden Presidency failed to bring American diplomacy to geopolitical issues, which will cost the country dearly. As the leftist demons continue to assault American values and democracy, there is a hidden threat growing on the horizon.

It’s no secret that China and Russia do not like the United States. The beef between these three powerhouses is well understood. However, what happens if Russia or China try to act on their aggression to the United States?

Many people believe that would look like a nuclear war. However, Russia and China aren’t stupid. They’re well aware of the consequences of using weapons of mass destruction and the mutual suicide it presents for all parties involved.

However, a HEMP EMP weapon presents the perfect strategy for taking down the United States. Imagine if the country was plunged into darkness for a year before power was restored. Can you imagine the chaos on the streets and the panic in the people?

You need to prepare for this upcoming event if you want to survive it.

Operation Blackout – A Strategy to Survive the Blackout

The Operation Blackout special report comes from the pen of Teddy Daniels. Teddy is a former investigator and detective with the Baltimore Police Department. He also served in the military, protecting the United States during the Afghan war. He was deployed to Afghanistan between 2011 and 2012, where he cut his teeth on the battlefield and earned a reputation for bravery.

Teddy views himself as a good friend of the 45th President, Donald Trump, and he claims to be a devout Christian, ensuring his family practices the faith. Teddy earned a name for himself during his deployment to Afghanistan in 2012.

He attracted enemy fire on the battlefield so his team could safely escape. His team managed to escape, and Teddy pulled himself out of a sticky situation to return home safely. During the encounter, he was shot in the leg by insurgent forces with a round fired from an AK-47.

The encounter was captured on Teddy’s bodycam and went viral online. Today, Teddy is speaking out because he’s tired of seeing how the country is headed. He’s concerned about the war in the Middle East, the threat Russia presents in Ukraine, and China’s ever-growing lust for reclaiming Taiwan.

Operation Blackout is the first and only guide discussing the potential of Russia or China using a targeted EMP weapon in the country to disable our defenses. Considering Teddy’s resume and depth of contacts in the intelligence community, you can dismiss this warning at your peril.

The Operation Blackout report gives you information that will keep your family safe during the coming crisis. Teddy teaches you how to prepare your homestead for the approaching war effectively.

Don’t wait for darkness. Secure your home with Operation Blackout!

What Teddy Teaches You in Operation Blackout

What to do if the blackout happens and you’re trapped in a big city. Implementing this strategy in the first hour after the blackout increases your chances of survival by 99%.

How to generate solar electricity without spending thousands of dollars on solar panels or generators.

How to protect your electronic devices from a HEMP attack. How to create a device you can store in your pocket as a mini power plant.

See the evidence from US intelligence officials pointing to China and Russia’s forthcoming HEMP invasion plans and proof that the US is unprepared for such an attack.

Why the attack is a reality and what the government and media aren’t telling you about the situation. The attack could occur anytime, and the sooner you start preparing, the better.

Preparing the necessary resources for your family’s survival after the blackout. The steps to take when the blackout happens.

A secret used by the crew of Air Force One to protect electronic devices against HEMP attacks. Maintain communications with your family and community in the days after the attack.

Learn why you need to ignore the people around you who don’t support your preparations; these people will be the first individuals who come calling to your door when the attack manifests and the SHTF. Learn how to say no to people and how to conserve your resources.

How to build a “super-phone” using NASA technology. It works even when the cellular service is down, allowing you to communicate with others in your prepared community.

Learn the tweak to ensure your battery doesn’t die during a MEMP attack and how to safeguard your vehicles from EMP discharge. You could make thousands of dollars to help people in your community convert their cars to this EMP-proof design.

Discover the nine essential items you need to make it through the coming blackout and social unrest that is certain to follow. You’re guaranteed to jeopardize your family without understanding and procuring #1 on this list.

Learn how to produce safe, potable drinking water in the days after the attack when the water lines shut down. This program section teaches you how to drink from any water source, even the most polluted.

Learn about the new currency that emerges in the blackout. It won’t be gold, silver, or Bitcoin. When the ATM doesn’t work and no stores are open to process your credit card, this currency will be in high demand.

Discover 100 food items you can add to your food storage with one year or more shelf life. Ride out the crisis while everyone else starves.

Learn the best way to protect your home and family from the marauding mobs walking the streets looking for families to loot and destroy – Hint: it’s not an AR-15.

Understand how many bottles of water you need to store on your property and where to keep it to ensure it doesn’t experience contamination.

Learn the lifesaving vehicle maneuver that could save your life if the HEMP attack occurs while driving.

Receive a checklist of 12 items to prep to ensure you and your family survive the HEMP attack and the coming invasion.

The information in Operation Blackout is guaranteed to give you a competitive advantage over the average homeowner when the attack happens and the blackout arrives. It’s the only source of information online discussing the coming HEMP attack and how to prepare for it.

With Teddy’s military and special operations background, you’re getting advice from a vet with his ear to the ground. Teddy’s intelligence sources are the product of decades-long relationships, and the prepping community listens when he speaks.

He’s sharing what he knows about the coming HEMP attack in this special report, and you have the chance to share it today. Teddy takes you by the hand and walks you through a step-by-step process of preparing for the upcoming event.

Waiting daily in the hope that this attack will never occur is a pipedream, and it will eventually catch up with you when it arrives. Being prepared is the only way to make it through the coming conflict. This time, it won’t be outside invaders attacking America; its residents will tear it apart from within.

Teddy gives you the strategies you need to improve your chances of survival.

Survive the chaos. Start preparing with Operation Blackout today!

Purchase Operation Blackout on a Special Promotion

Teddy Daniels was advised by his friends and colleagues to sell Operation Blackout for $497. However, Teddy didn’t want to take this information out of reach for the average American. Teddy wants to help anyone willing to listen with their preparation – his mission and principal goals.

That’s why Teddy is making Operation Blackout available at a special price. If you commit to Operation Blackout today, you get the program and free bonuses for a one-off fee of $67. No subscriptions exist; you get everything you need in a one-time purchase.

Free Bonuses When You Order Operation Blackout

When you commit to ordering Operation Blackout today, you qualify for free bonuses. These eBooks are available immediately after making your purchase as a digital download. They work in synergy with Operation Blackout to give your homestead a holistic preparation strategy for the coming darkness.

Bonus #1 – “The Invisible Survival Garden: How to Safely Grow Your Food During a Blackout”

When there’s a nationwide blackout, the stores get looted fast, and there are no food deliveries anywhere in the country. This guide gives you ideas to build a secret garden out of view of the public. Feed your family during times of crisis without attracting attention.

Don’t miss out on these bonuses!

Bonus #2 – How to Turn Your Home Into an Impenetrable Fortress

America will devolve into chaos in the wake of a blackout. People will turn on each other, and mobs will roam the streets. Imagine the BLM riots X10. This guide provides practical strategies to secure your homestead and protect your family from violence.


Order Operation Blackout Risk-Free!

If you’re skeptical about Operation Blackout and the protection and value it brings to your home and family, we get it. Teddy Daniels is willing to prove to you that Operation Blackout is the real deal. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, claim a refund anytime within 60 days at;

  • Phone: 1-888-689-6034
  • Email: support@lastblackout.com

Sleep soundly during blackouts. Get your Operation Blackout today!


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