Alpha Heater Reviews – Honest Product Worth Buying or Scam? (Updated)

Winter is here, and with it, the dreaded chilly rooms. Converting these cold places into warm and cozy spots might sound like a trick out of a fantasy world, but with Alpha Heater, you will quickly find out that not only is it possible but also economical to accomplish.


So, what is Alpha Heater? Contrary to its humble name, it’s so much more than a run-of-the-mill space heater. It’s a compact portable heater that consumes remarkably less energy to heat a space more effectively. With many smart features and settings, the Alpha Heater is likely the best heater you have ever owned.

What is Alpha Heater?

Alpha Heater is a space heater. It’s a compact or mini-heater that comes with energy savings in mind. It’s also designed to offer the utmost safety. Alpha Heater is compact and lightweight and comes with an overwhelming number of positive reviews.

How does it work?

Alpha Heater works just like any other compact heater. It’s very compact and lightweight such that you can take it with you virtually anywhere – but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective when it comes to heating a space. It should be plugged directly into a wall outlet, and once turned on, it uses 650W on low and 1200W on high; the Alpha Heater will start to heat the space around it.

Alpha Heater Benefits and Features

Alpha Heater comes with a bunch of unique features that you will not find anywhere else. Let’s have a look at a few of these features and benefits.

Quick heating

Alpha Heater provides quicker heating. It allows you to make any cold spot or space warm and cozy in a matter of a few minutes. However, note that how quickly this heater will heat a region depends on various factors such as the volume of space, the ambient temperature, and the temperature it’s operating at.

Less expense in utility bills

Alpha Heater is an energy-efficient heating appliance, and the official website states it can heat areas to 350 sqft. As such, it will decrease your heating costs. Though it’s true that the more you use any heater, the more your electricity will be, you can be sure that you will be getting much more affordable heating with this personal mini-heater than most others on the market right now, with the company stating the Alpha Heater uses about the same amount of energy as a standard 1200W hairdryer.

Internal temperature safety

Alpha Heater has inbuilt safety for overheating. It will reduce its temperature to 104F when the internal device temperature reaches above 122F. When this happens three times in a row, the heater will power down. This is automatic so you can be sure of both safety and optimal longevity of the device.


The Alpha Heater will stop heating if it falls over. Furthermore, it will also blow out room temperature air for 30 seconds – sort of an emergency cooling failsafe mechanism. It will additionally cut off the power supply. All in all, you can be sure that the Alpha Heater is unlikely to cause any problems.

Who is it for?

Alpha Heater is for those who are struggling with cold spots in the office or their homes. It consumes power equal to a hairdryer at the maximum setting, and in most cases (assuming your power bill is charged at 10 cents per kilowatt-hour), you will be spending around 12 cents per hour the device is turned on – which isn’t bad at all. If you are also looking for an affordable and permanent solution to heating, then the Alpha Heater is the best choice for you.

Pricing on the Alpha Heater

Where to buy Alpha Heater

You can buy Alpha Heater on the official website. Use this link to avail of the 50% off offer: Alpha Heater 50% off. This product is not available on Amazon; consumers should only purchase the Alpha Heater from its official website to avoid fakes and counterfeits.

  • Buy 1 Alpha Heater $59.99 Each / $9.95 Shipping
  • Buy 2 Alpha Heaters $53.99 Each / $9.95 Shipping
  • Buy 3 Alpha Heaters $47.99 Each / $9.95 Shipping
  • Buy 4 Alpha Heaters $41.99 Each / $9.95 Shipping
  • Buy 5 Alpha Heaters $35.99 Each / $9.95 Shipping

Moneyback guarantee

Alpha Heater comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. You will get a complete refund minus any shipping and handling charges.


Refunds are reasonably straightforward. You can return the product in its original condition and packaging within 30 days of the purchase date. You will need to attach your full name and the email address used for the purchase in a note along with the return. Refunds are generally processed, and money is credited back within 5-10 days after a quick inspection.

Alpha Heater contact information

The brand is owned by Nu Lifestyle Marketing LLC. and is an American-owned company. Here is the contact information of the company for Alpha Heaters.

  • Email: support@getalphaheater.com
  • Phone: +1 (866) 895-6759
  • Nu Lifestyle Marketing LLC Address: 220 Faraday Avenue, Suite 103, Jackson, NJ 08527, United States of America.

Alpha Heater FAQs

Let’s go over a couple of common questions that you might have.

Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: Shipping is relatively fast. Standard delivery can take anywhere from 5 days to a week. They arrange UPS shipping within 24 hours of order confirmation. They also provide email confirmation along with your tracking number upon shipping. You can also sign up for SMS tracking by going to the UPS website.

Q: How can I reset the heater in case it tips over or overheats?

A: Resetting the device is easy. First of all, remove the situation that caused the unit to tip over. Now, turn the heater off by pressing the power button. Unplug the heater’s cord from the outlet and wait for several minutes to let it cool down to ambient temperature. You can now resume operation by plugging it back into the outlet. Note that if your heater keeps turning off or malfunctioning, then it might be a defective unit. In this case, you should stop using it at once and order a replacement by contacting the Alpha Heater support team.

In conclusion

Overall, the Alpha Heater is one of the best compact and lightweight heaters you can find today. It’s not only affordable but also accessible at your electric cost. Countless Alpha Heater users vouch for its build quality, features, and heating efficiency.

We’d conclude by saying that Alpha Heater is a product for those who need additional heating in their home, office, or garage this winter and a bang for their buck.


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