Wolverine volleyball end of season

Wolverine volleyball end of season

  • Sat Nov 9th, 2019 1:30am
  • Sports

The Wolverine Volleyball team played their last match of the season at Senior Night on Wednesday, Oct. 30, against Concrete. The team rallied hard to come back and win their fifth set after losing the first few.

“The girls were a little flustered at first with the pressure of it being Senior Night and fell short in the first two sets,” said Head Coach Nadine Varsovia. “But they came back stronger than ever like the team I know they are and pulled through to win in the fifth set.”

“They brought the intensity when they needed to and were able to pull themselves out of a hole,” said Varsovia. “Which is not easy to do when you’re two sets down.”

Being able to reset and refocus when they’re down in points is something the team has been working hard on this season. “Every game and every practice we get better at doing this,” said Varsovia, “and although we may not be taking home as many wins as we would like, the girls are learning good, solid, technique-based volleyball.”

On Oct. 15 the team played an away game in Concrete and came away with the win. Varsovia contributes that to the girls’ consistent serving skills and their ability to adjust their hits and throw off the other team.

On Thursday, Oct. 24, the team played Orcas and fought their way back to win two sets after losing the first two.

“Unfortunately, we fell short in the 5th set but were happy overall with how aggressively and intensely we played,” Varsovia said.

“The girls’ skills have vastly progressed from the beginning of the season to now,” said Varsovia. “We have been working fiercely on improving form, staying disciplined and being able to reset our mindset in the face of a losing scoreboard.”

Looking forward to next season, Varsovia feels that the team has built solid skills this season that will carry them on to more wins in the future.

“As long as we are practicing good habits, we will be practicing good volleyball,” said Varsovia, “and good volleyball will hopefully lead us to several wins in the future.”