Wolverine Cheerleading

  • Wed Sep 18th, 2019 1:30am
  • Sports

The Wolverine Cheerleaders returned to the field this football season with a small but experienced squad ready to bring their A-game.

With senior and team captain Stella McCauley, who has been cheering for Friday Harbor High School since her freshman year the team has a “great leader, teacher and role model,” at its helm, according to seven-year coach Stacey Rude.

Returning squad members and both Sophomores Layla Embler and Emily Walters are watching and learning what it takes to be team captain this year in the hopes of becoming co-captains next year after McCauley graduates.

“I have no doubt they will both be ready to take on that responsibility,” said Rude.

Junior Emily Vogel is the only squad member new to cheering this year but “is doing amazing” according to Rude.

Freshman Thea Flierl and McKenzie Federico, while new to the Friday Harbor High School squad both cheered for the Tiger Cheer Squad in years past and according to Rude are fitting right in.

Also new this year is assistant coach Ida Carlshagen who cheered on the competition level during high school.

“She is bringing in a new, fresh, younger perspective,” said Rude. “Having her has renewed my love for the sport and all of the girls really like having her new ideas to incorporate with what we traditionally do.”

With five days a week two-hour practices the squad will cheer for every Wolverine football game this season both at home and on the road. With the help of their coaches and team captain, the squad is planning a new Homecoming dance routine to be performed at half time. It will include “a lot of throwback music and a lot of new moves,” said Rude.