Volleyball: A drive for change

After many trials and tribulations the Lady Wolverines jump into a new volleyball season, this time however with a new head coach. Nadine Varsovia has stepped down after 4 years of being head coach, with new coach Willie Blackmon stepping into her shoes. Blackmon helped out as an assistant coach for the Wolverines last season, this year, however, he is now ready to take the reigns and handle the next steps for the volleyball team.

Blackmon has been coaching volleyball since the summer back in 2016 and has an extensive history with his love for the sport. “I started playing volleyball my sophomore year of high school and I have loved the game since then. “While attending EWU I coached at a local high school and played on the men’s team.”

The Wolverines are excited for this change of pace compared to last season. The girls are thrilled for the future and are learning again from ground zero, truly honing their skills.

“When there’s a new head coach there are always going to be changes. We have kept some things the same but have changed a lot. There are six seniors on the team which has been helpful in pushing the change. ” Blackmon added.

Mia Germain, one of the captains of the varsity team expressed her thoughts regarding the new season.

“I think that change can be super good for some teams and I feel like it will help us change and grow as a team and community.” Germain has been playing volleyball since the 6th grade and has continued up till her junior year, eventually becoming a captain. “What drew me to volleyball was the energy I felt on the court when playing!”

The VB team’s goal is usually centered on improving the team’s skills and overall growth. This year, however, the girls are hungry for change and are ready to put in the work to make it possible. “Winning isn’t everything but it is nice to see your hard work pay off. A goal of mine would be to consistently compete night in and night out against top-level competition and to qualify for the state tournament.” Blackmon commented.

“This season I am looking forward to beating teams we haven’t beat in a long time.” Added Germain.

The next generation looks promising as there are many young girls interested in the sport. The JV team consists of the majority of freshmen, and back in the middle school there’s a plethora of girls competing. “I am overly excited for the future of the volleyball program! We have a very young JV and I think almost 40 middle schoolers are participating in volleyball.”

Overall, the Lady Wolverines are prepared for this season. Although they were off to a bumpy start, the girls are ready to reel it in with Blackmon’s guidance. “The biggest thing keeping me coaching is the impact sports can have on kids. I want to be a leader and someone who can create experiences for kids that don’t come often.”