Staff photo. After finishing up biking, triathalon competer begins the running segment of the race

San Juan Island triathlon, marathon winners

Brave souls began their day, Saturday, June 17, by competing in a triathlon that began with swimming in Lake Dale, then biking and running. While it may not have been raining, the weather was cool and overcast.

Despite fog and rain, the races continued on Father’s Day, with the marathon starting bright and early at 7:30 a.m., half marathon at 9 a.m. and a 10K run at 10:30 a.m. This was the third year for this popular event, coordinated by the San Juan Fitness Club.

Triathlon Results:


Keith Szot, age 51, 1:15.00

Michal Locatell, age 26, 1:22.33

Brent Courvette, age 28,1:26.23


Jared Pohlmon, age 41,2:18.04

Ben Griffin, age 37, 2:21.58

Josiah Coad, age 20, 2:33.41

Marathon Results:

Joe Ziegenfuss, age 42, 3:22:04.5

Michael Montgomery, age 48, 3:38:14.7

Yvonne Naughton age 40, 3:41:36.7

Half Marathon:

Brian Hoek, age 35, 1:28:006

Jakub Olesky, age 36, 1:32:55.9

Shelby Tralger, age 25, 1:36:43.25

10K Run:

Josh Segel, age 40, 44:07.5

Matt Vidas, age 27, 44:34.4

Porter Bratten, age 33, 45:16:2

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Staff photo. Runner checks watch as he heads off on the last leg of the race.

Staff photo, Heather Spaulding. Triathalon Sprint winner Keith Szot approaches the finish line.

Staff photo. Biker heads to the finish line, only to prep for the run.

Staff photo. Runners happily approaching finish line.

Staff photo. Biker gets ready to begin the running part of the triathlon

Staff photo. Runner begins the last leg of the race

Staff photo. Runners approach the finish line.

Staff photo. Biker approaches finish line, only to begin the running component.

Staff photo. Runner heads toward the finish line.