Kevin Lewis and young crew win Mitchell Bay International Regatta | Around the Waterfront

Well, the youngest and newest sailor in the club, Kevin Lewis, showed the rest of us how to do it. We’re talking about the second annual Mitchell Bay International Regatta on Haro Strait Oct. 2 and 3.

Lewis scored a second and two firsts on Oct. 2 with his sister Heather as crew; and a third and fifth on Oct. 3 with Isaac his 5-year-old son — that age isn’t a typo — as crew, afterguard and strategist.

Finishing 2, 1, 1, 3 and 5 in the series, Lewis in his Cal-25 scored 12 points for first place. The scoring system gives one point for a first, two points for a second, etc.

Light and sometimes no wind and a strong flood really challenged everyone. Sailing skill was not the dominant factor the first day; what counted was a fortuitous puff at a critical moment to keep one off the shoal inside No. 1 green can off Open Bay.

In the first race Oct. 3, Lloyd Bacon and Jim Schutz in Got-To-Run came to life and sailed to a first followed by Bill VanSkyhawk and brother Don in Scarlett de Haro, and Star.

In the second race, with a building wind, Marianna picked up her bowsprit and squeaked under Terry Lush’s committee boat Hawks Moon (being forced up Norris Palmer in Mistral and Got-To-Run) and led the pack out to the Strait for the International part of the regatta. Then, she sailed into a hole (no wind area) and watched half of the fleet sail by.

Meanwhile, Isaac Lewis talked his dad into splitting with all the rest of the boats and sailing southward along the island shore, hoping to catch the usual back eddy and going far enough to windward to allow for the strong flood out in the strait. Close-hauled for the mark, the boats soon strung out. Those that held high got to the Kelp Reef light in good order, but those a bit low had to struggle to make it.

We rounded in order with Liberty pretty much ahead, then Mistral and Mariana. Now the fun began. It was a broad reach to the finish line so Mariana eased out her 150 jenny, the main and mizzen sheets and, with Janet Grey on the helm, waved goodbye to Mistral. She almost caught up with Liberty, which evened the score for a previous similar race.

Overheard: Isaac, noting Mistral halfway across the strait, said to his dad, “I wish I was on that boat!”

Final score for the regatta:

— First: Kevin Lewis in Star.
— Second: Bill VanSkyhawk in Scarlett de Haro.
— Third: Howard Lewis in Liberty.
— Fourth: Lloyd Bacon in Got-To-Run.
— Fifth: Norris Palmer in Mistral.
— Sixth: Fred Hoeppner in Mariana.