Golf Tri district

By Coach Jack Rice

The Tri-District Golf tournament took place Wednesday, May 17 at the Loomis Trail Golf Club, and the Wolverine golfers made their coach proud.

Congratulations to freshman Jack Hess for winning one of the coveted allocations to the high school State Tournament. freshman Finn Graham, along with his teammates junior Ryan Rautenberg and 8th grade Sam Herda came up just short of making the trip to the Big Show. For such a young team they put in a great performance. We are looking forward to a solid golf performance from young Jack Hess next week. Tumwater Valley Golf is the site of the state tournament and is similar to our local club here on San Juan. Jack’s game is improving every week and the more competitive rounds he can experience the better he will perform. It’s a big deal to make it this far in the high school golf competition, I am proud of every player on the team.

Sophomore Morgan Douglass played her best golf of the season and finished 5th in the girls Tri-District tournament and secured her spot in the high school state tournament. Teammates junior Reese Tangney and 8th grader Akira Tokunaga didn’t make the 9-hole cut that allowed them to finish the round. The girls’ team is also very young and they have a lot of golf left in their high school careers.

1B/2B Tri-District Championship results for Lopez, Orcas and Friday Harbor:


Josh Spinner, Orcas Island, score 89, placing 7

TJ Liblik, Orcas Island, score 92 placing 11

Tommy Anderson-Cleveland, Orcas Island, score 93 placing 12

Jack Hess, Friday Harbor, score 95, placing 15

Sam Sutton, Orcas Island, score 100, placing 17 (alternate)

Finn Graham, Friday Harbor, score 103, placing 18

Ryan Rautenberg, Friday Harbor, score 107

Sam Herda, Friday Harbor score 113


Melissa Valencia, Lopez Island, score 112 placing 4

Morgan Douglas, Friday Harbor, score 119, placing 5

Lili Malo, Orcas Island, scoring 120, placing 7

Celia Groeninger, Orcas Island, scoring 128, placing 10

Alina Daoust, Orcas Island, score 13, placing 12

Naeva Flora, Lopez Island, scoring 134, placing 15 (alternate)

Amelia Patino, Lopez Island, scoring 134

Reese Tangney, Friday Harbor, MC

Akira Tokunaga, Friday Harbor, MC

Contributed photo
Junior Reese Tangney and Sophomore Morgan Douglass

Contributed photo Junior Reese Tangney and Sophomore Morgan Douglass