Girls’ soccer team hopeful for state

by Michael Bunnell

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This year’s girls soccer team will rely on years of experience and teamwork to hopefully get a shot at the state tournament.

“Talent is spread throughout the field,” said Coach Paul Hopkins. “It’s not just one girl who will carry us to success but the whole group playing together as a team.”

They have had two games so far, and the Wolverines scored a total of 14 goals with zero points against them.

What was even more impressive is that 10 different players scored those points.

“It’s very encouraging team wise,” said Hopkins.

The team is also mature and skilled this year. There are seven seniors, two juniors and the rest are sophomores.

Hopkins has been coaching the girls’ soccer team for five years, and he also coached club soccer before that, so many of the seniors playing this season have been with him since they were little kids.

“It helps a lot that they know each other really well,” said Hopkins. “It’s good to have that bond. A healthy senior group is the mark of a good season.”

Hopkins started coaching the sport because his daughters liked to play. Several years ago both of his daughters were on the field. Now one of them is in high school and the other is attending college.

“It’s a blast,” he said. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

The team to beat this year is La Conner, but Hopkins said in high school sports you never know which team is going to be the greatest competition as players change from year to year.

“Our goal is to win league and go from there,” he said.

Friday Harbor High School sports changed dramatically several years ago when it went from a 1A to 2B. Now there is more on the line when it comes to winning games and going to state.

“It made it very competitive,” said Hopkins. “It’s a lot knowing you have a shot at state tournament.”