Girls Fastpitch Softball against Burlington-Edison April 1 | Slideshow

Lady Wolverines lost to Burlington-Edison but won big against Darrington


Tuesday, March 29, the Wolverines won Darrington 21-11.

Cady Wilson hit two singles, a triple and had an RBI. Hannah Hopkins hit three singles, four RBI’s and had one stolen base. Thea Sietz had two singles, sac bunt and three RBI’s. Sammy Finch hit three singles, had three RBI’s and got a runner out at second. She won the game’s sportsmanship award and also the team’s MVP of the game.

Friday, April 1, the Wolverines lost to Burlington-Edison 15-9. Sammy Finch injured her ankle, so Ava Hoffman stepped up in her place, playing solidly.

Emma Wickman had two doubles. Cady Willson had two singels, and also her first solo home run.

“As a team we had 10 hits, and last year Burlington-Edison 10 runned us with a shutout” Coarch Kirk Holt said.