It is time for the wheel to squeak | Letters

Many people are surprised and upset to learn of a new ferry system policy from articles recently printed in the local press. It is disturbing that the ferry system has changed its policy regarding when a person with a reservation needs to show up. You now have get to the ticket booth 30 minutes prior to sailing or your reservation will be cancelled, as opposed to previously needing to get in line 30 minutes early.

This change is most disturbing from many standpoints. There is no way of knowing how long the line is, or how many ticket booths will be open. Most egregious is the lack of sensitivity to the needs of the ridership as evidenced by both the policy change itself and the minimal effort made to publicize it. The ferry system has not given any justification for the change, nor has it discussed the change with the Citizen Partnership Group who agreed to the program as initially implemented last year.

The local Ferry Advisory Committee has strongly opposed this change ever since it caught wind of the new policy, but despite its strenuous objections the ferry system has implemented it. So, what now can be done? An error was made; a correction should be vigorously sought.

Write our legislators and send copies to our county council. Write our county council and send copies to our legislators.

Mac Langford

Lopez Island