Wolverines cheerleaders are ready for fall sports

2017 cheer squad (not in specific order): Hallie Hargrove, Vida Wight, Adriana plaza Garcia, Jordyn Mccutcheon, Grace Shaw, Salud Soto, Arlyn Sanabria, Isabelle Oliver, Rachel Scott, and Stella McCauley

The Wolverines cheer squad has 10 cheerleaders ready to rouse the home crowd and root their football players to victory on the gridiron this season.

“I’m very excited for the season to start and am very hopeful that our football team is going to give us something wonderful to cheer about!” said cheer coach Stacey Rude. “Our squad has been getting together all summer doing team bonding, sleepovers, movies, and days at the beach.”

The team’s two captains this season are seniors Hallie Hargrove and Vida Wight.

“I have been coaching Hallie since she was in Tiger Cheer as an elementary school student, and Vida for only two seasons, but I am super excited by the team they are forming,” said Rude. With help from her assistant, Cere Demuth, Rude said she expects this season to be amazing.

“These young ladies are showing up to work!” she added. “We are excited to cheer at the first game!”