Friday Harbor High School swimmers join forces with Anacortes

Through their high school career, Friday Harbor High School seniors Tenly Nelson and Jocelyn Roberts have made a splash with the Anacortes swim team.

“They are very valuable members of the team,” said Timothy Collins, swim coach at the San Juan Fitness Club. Nelson was voted team captain this year. Both Nelson and Roberts always come in within the top six swimmers at each meet he added proudly.

Collins explained that the swimmers are part of the Anacortes team because Friday Harbor did not have enough students for the water sport, so they received a waver to represent a nearby schools team.

“Spring Street for example, often does this with Friday Harbor,” he said.

Nelson and Roberts were swimmers before moving to the island, and, not wanting to give it up, joined up with the Anacortes team, which competes at the 2A state level. Once a week they train in Anacortes with the full team, which has between 25 to 30 swimmers. The facility in Anacortes has deeper pool, with the added benefit of a diving area. The rest of the time, the two train with Collins at the fitness club.

Nelson and Roberts have different swimming styles and specialties, Nelson is a distance swimmer he said, while Roberts excels at the butterfly and backstroke. For the last several years, these two have participated in the state championship.

The first swim meet will take place next week. In October, the district championship will be held, and that will determine who goes to state.

“I expect them to do (go to state) it again,” Collins said.