A battle of Wolverines and Lions

  • Mon Oct 16th, 2017 4:49pm
  • Sports

By Tate Thomson

Sports reporter

The Wolverines football team battled against the Concrete Lions on their home turf Friday, Oct. 13. The game started off in favor of the Wolverines when Wade Swirtz made scoring touchdowns look easy at the start of the first quarter. Milo Geiser scored the extra point, making the score 7-0. Cheers were loud among Wolverine fans, and spirits remained high after a fumble recovery with two minutes on the clock in the first quarter followed by an impressive 51-yard pickup by Wolverine Wade Swirtz. The game shifted to a new level of intensity when the Lions scored in the second quarter. Their extra kick was blocked, so the Wolverines held the lead at 7-6. The Lions went on to score a second touchdown and an extra point, putting them in a 6 point lead at halftime. Wolverine Jaden Jones’ excellent interception in the third quarter brought the fans back to their feet. The score leveled out near the end of the third quarter when Wolverine Milo Geiser scored a field goal making the score 10-13, with the Lions still hanging on to the lead. With one final triumph by the Lions, the Wolverines had to admit defeat with a final score of 10-20. The homecoming game is Friday, Oct. 20 against Lummi Nation.