Website spreads slander, lies and misinformation | Letters

I find it surprising that two letters at the top of the Journal page refer readers to what was an anonymous “hit job” web site until one Koshi Holt, known for her local Tea Party demonstrations with Jenny Ledford recently admitted she put it up two weeks ago.

The web site repeats many of the same slanders, libels and lies against three of the hospital district candidates. Much of this stuff has been refuted with documentary evidence that it’s untrue but, still, it gets repeated, and the Journal is assisting in this.

On the other hand, there is not a word about the major investigation of the hospital district and EMS for Medicaid fraud by the State Attorney General. This is a real story with real implications for islanders and should be a big deal in this campaign. The blog, by contrast, is just so much right wing misinformation.

Voters should be paying attention to real issues and to sources that actually care about getting the story right. And I wish the Journal would rethink its policy of publishing letters late in the election cycle that link to pages like Holt’s.

Steve King

San Juan Island