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From left; Evan Hendrickson

From left; Evan Hendrickson

Last week at the Friday Harbor Lions Club we had a business meeting, no speaker.

It was interesting as we went through results of projects of the past year and planned for the next. Mainly things have gone well. Greatest achievement probably is the continuing growth of the Leo’s club at Friday Harbor High School. It’s now one of the largest in the state, if not the nation, with over 50 young lads and lasses helping out with community projects in and out of school, and with or without great assistance of its parent group.  Lion John Towson and John Bostrom have put in a ton of hours as principals in guiding this group during the last few years. It’s heartening to us oldsters to see more than one generation following the Lions motto: “We Serve.”

The very next day I saw an example of a retail organization following that motto when the executive committee of A&H Stores came to Friday Harbor Drug Store to introduce Dr. Cris DuVall to our island as its newest pharmacist. The president and vice president had decided to combine this happy occasion with a survey of customer-patients regarding their interest in improving of store services; Four specifics that management had in mind were: home delivery, test notification, immunizations and health classes.

Visitors were asked to rate those needs on a scale of 1 to 5: “Low Interest” to “Some Interest” to “High Interest”. A drawing for a free Kindle HD  and a $50 gift certificate to Cask & Schooner were won by Paula Richardson and Suzan Erickson, respectively. Happy as they were, I felt very good about one additional feature of the drawing sheet entitled “Other Comments”.

Having lived on the west side, having had frequent hospital helicopter rides, I can testify to the wonderful EMT service. But only elderly couples looking for necessary medicines 10 miles away by car after stores are closed know how handy that home delivery could be. Of course, it also was nice meeting Dr. DuVall, newest pharmacist at the oldest store on the island.

We’ve come a long way since the Nash family delivered drugs by boat to all of the islands decades ago. It is so reassuring to have a firm continuing the patron-oriented owners of the past.

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