Revealing the ancient wisdom of feminine leadership | Guest Column

By Ashley Rugge

One of the great fears of our modern world is of the deepening crisis in leadership, and its implications for our planet, and our future.

During her short foray to the island, Eliana Gilad held a special event at Gallery Mystes Rising. The event was around exactly that – albeit tackling this crisis with a solution – drawing on the knowledge of antiquity to call the feminine nature to leadership once more.

A small but curious group gathered in what turned out to be an intimate evening of music and discussion.

Gilad began the event with one of her pieces. Silence filled the room. She reminded us that it is listening to the wisdom that emerges from the silence behind the silence. This is the place from which our intuition can lead. This is the place from which the feminine can lead unmasked, unwithered and untamed.

This struck a chord with me following the events in our world this past year. Seeing how far we have come, and how far we have to go until the tide of this deepening crisis changes. So we may begin to move into territory where our global leaders lead us to mending, bridging, and solutions with the utmost integrity.

Feminine leadership is an integral part of this mending process. The magnetic, the still, the receiving, the nourishing. The deep care and consideration for self and others. These are all qualities inherent to feminine leadership. They are the silence behind the silence, where we are made full from that sweet and tender space.

Gilad has a gift for getting people in touch with this silence through her musical journeys. Many times throughout the night the group remarked at the impact of her compositions. Many questions arose about how and why it works, which she published a study on in 2010.

In a world of increasing speed, and its damage worn in the ways of our world, it is time for a different approach. Gilad’s work is one of the sweet medicines that help us to slow down and access the silence behind the silence.

Rugge cooperates the arist-run gallery at the Cannery Landing with Fredrick Vaught.