Getting away from it all? | Editorial

By Cali Bagby

Interim editor

I moved to the islands to get away from the rows of fast food chains, the congestion of highways and byways and the concrete that covers every inch of city streets.

But when I packed my belongings and boarded that ferry, I traded in a few things. The most important of those things was the ability to get to a fully equipped hospital without taking to the air or a boat. The reality of that choice took many months to settle in. The weight of that decision has increased in my mind during the last few weeks as I reported on the coroner’s job of dealing with death on the island (see the story in the Aug. 5 edition) and this week when I wrote a story about someone who saved another person’s life with CPR (see page 5).

What struck me was that our lives can hang so precariously and mere minutes can change whether we live or die. For 12 minutes one man performed CPR and within 12 minutes EMS personnel were there to save the man. But how many of us live deep in the woods or up on a hill or by ourselves? Some of us do not have 12 minutes to spare. For those of us who live in isolation it is imperative that you and your loved ones receive CPR training.

How often in life do we have the opportunity to change someone’s life forever?

Visit or call 378-5152 ext. 3. to receive CPR training on San Juan Island. It is time to get the tools to make living on this beautiful island even more like paradise.