Get involved – Letter

We all look forward to summer, but it’s easy to forget that it can be a time of stress for young families. Many parents are working long hours while school is out and their childcare options may be limited. United Way of San Juan County recognizes the importance of providing safe, structured activities for children and working parents in our community during the summer months. United Way’s support of our Youth Mentoring Program enables school-aged kids – mostly from single-parent families – to be paired one-on-one with an adult mentor. Together, Mentor and Mentee meet weekly to do everything from hiking to summer reading, as well as getting involved in wonderful 4-H activities. Likewise, United Way funding enables our center to offer free parent-child playgroups four mornings a week through our Family Support Program, providing valuable time for new parents (and grandparents!) to connect with one another while their infants and preschoolers build social skills through cooperative play and group activities. It’s a terrific way for families to stay connected even when schools are closed for the summer. We encourage community members to support United Way of San Juan County and the efforts they make to ensure that local families have access to active, healthy summer activities.


Jennifer Armstrong and Staff

SJI Family Resource Center