Senior services to hold elections this fall

  • Wed Aug 25th, 2021 11:08am
  • News

Submitted by the Mullis Center District Committee.

A Summary Judgment was made on April 19, 2021, by Judge Lee Grochmal of the Whatcom County Superior Court. This lawsuit was brought against the Senior Services Council of San Juan County (SSCSJC), the 501(c)3 entity under which Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Island Senior Centers operate.

As challenging as it has been to be named as defendants in this case, we are pleased to share that, “The Court dismissed with prejudice the Plaintiffs’ claims against all individual defendants — SSCSJC and District Committee Directors from all three islands — as well as claims against the San Juan District Operations Committee.” And, that the Court stated, “that the Defendants did not improperly or unlawfully refuse to honor a recall petition and that the August 15, 2019 amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws did not violate RCW 24.03.” In addition, the Judge ruled that, “Plaintiff Dragin was not improperly denied access to records she lawfully requested and that the Plaintiff’s request for attorney’s fees was denied”.

The key finding by the Court stated “the Aug. 15, 2019 amendment to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws did not comply with the notice requirements of the Bylaws and are therefore ineffective and void” and “the previously-existing Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws shall be in full force and effect.”

In order to meet the Court Order, the leadership of the Mullis Center District Committee is establishing a Nominating Committee and will be holding elections this fall.

We want to reassure our Mullis Community Senior Center members that all our programs — Meals on Wheels, Dental Van, Classes and Book Club — as well as management of the Center and our resources continue to be held in good hands and stewarded well. In fact, through the COVID-19 pandemic, and while dealing with the distractions of this lawsuit, leadership at all three Senior Centers have gone above and beyond to care and provide for their constituents while honoring their fiduciary duties and providing oversight of contracts, facilities and services to County seniors and disabled persons.

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