San Juan Island School District finalizes contracts with teachers union | Update

Submitted by San Juan Island School District

The San Juan Island School District staff has reached two-year contracts with both the local teachers union called the San Juan Education Association and the classified employees union. Both contracts have focused additional funds for employees with longevity in the school district.

The SJEA contract raised the starting salary of new teachers with a bachelor’s degree and no experience to $50,160 this year and $52,428 next year. Earnings for experienced teachers with a master degree or Ph.D. and the most longevity and credits, will increase to $97,002 this school year and top out at $101,386 next school year. The overall average of district teachers’ salaries this year is $78,155 and will increase to $82,875 next year. In addition, teachers will receive increased classroom budgets, higher special workload stipends and improved instructional load standards.

Salary schedules are available to the public on the district website at

All negotiating teams worked with a strong sense of purpose and teamwork to achieve these agreements. They are especially pleased to have signed them as early in the year, enabling them to fully concentrate on the district’s continuing focus of student performance.