Lavendera offers healing hands at monthly Community Wellness Night

Massage therapist Linda Drake works out some kinks for Tamara Kay Dean.

Feeling tight, cricked, wound up? Well, it could be because you spend most of the day in almost the exact same position.

“As a society we’ve stopped moving,” said Richard Davenport, owner of Lavendera Day Spa in Friday Harbor. “Whether on the computer, driving, cooking—your arms are out, it’s the same activity.”

But don’t expect Davenport, or anyone from his team of massage therapists to be the cure-all for those tight muscle woes. They just begin the healing process by getting the fluids moving through the warming and loosening of the muscles. It’s up to the individual to keep that looseness by moving their body.

Every third Thursday of the month, Lavendera offers a free “Community Wellness Night,” where you can sample their many services. Chair massage, Thai massage, and Reiki are popular forms of healing offered.

“It’s a chance to give back to the community and allow people the opportunity to experience different modalities of healing who may not be able to afford the treatments,” Davenport said.

Set up like a quiet zen funhouse, meander through the different rooms and experience hands-on, healing energy.

Beth Drake, who’s been a massage therapist at Lavendera for nine years, gives a glimpse of Structural Relief Therapy, a form of massage that helps decrease muscle contraction and improve range of motion.

As opposed to traditional western medicine Drake embraces alternative forms when it comes to improving health.

“This gets at the underlying cause and actually helps heal,” she said. “I always start at the pelvis, because everything stacks on top of it or hangs off.”

Lie down on the bed-sized cushion set up on the floor and allow massage therapist Ish Nielson’s soothing voice and strong hands transcend you into a deep state of relaxation. Nielson performs Thai massage, where she lifts the limbs into different positions and gently manipulates the muscles.

And after a massage with Davenport he’ll identify your main areas of tension and recommend stretches and exercises to help stay loose and comfortable.

You might even feel obligated to perform them regularly so he notices a difference next month at wellness night. After all it’s not his job to fix you, but to show you the way.

sffdsf“If you can get someone to nibble on something good hopefully they take the next steps,” he said. “We want people to get reacquainted with their bodies, recognize what’s going on and be able to change it.”

To take healing one step further you can also take a book from Lavendera’s free lending library. Books offering healing methods you can perform on yourself are available for three weeks at a time.

While free treatments are offered the third Thursday of every month, there’s almost always something going on Thursdays at Lavendera. Special guests lead group meditations, give presentations on thought-provoking subjects, and massage therapists give insight into their own healing routines.

Every Tuesday night there’s a free Reiki circle. Reiki is a technique based on the principle that the healer can channel energy into the patient by means of touch.

To some these ideas may seem wu-wu, but to the naysayers Davenport says look at professional athletes who receive massages daily, and even Peace Island Medical Center now offers Reiki to its cancer patients.

For a full list of events visit or call 378-3637.

Lavendera Day Spa is located at 285 Spring Street.

The next free Community Wellness Night is Feb. 19, at 6:30 p.m.