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Sailor navigates unchartered waters in pursuit of self-sufficiency

Chris Troutner graduated from college with a degree in electrical engineering and went straight to work, but never lost touch with his original intent: to spend as much time as possible in the San Juans. In fact, it intensified.

  • Apr 17th, 2015 5:34pm

Micro-homesteading: one woman’s journey into sustainable living | Home & Garden

These days her house is parked on the northeast end of the island, amidst sprawling acres of evergreens and a waterfront view. She has several permaculture gardens planted throughout the property and even keeps chickens.

  • Apr 14th, 2015 9:02pm

Longevity comes easy when family is everything

On April 16 Doris Gilbreath will turn 97 but could be mistaken for decades younger.

  • Apr 14th, 2015 7:21pm

Rwanda to Spring Street: 8,000 miles from home

Since arriving in Friday Harbor, Zula and Michaella have had an array of first-time experiences, like flying on an airplane, learning to swim and riding a bicycle. In her spare time, Zula takes hip-hop classes and Michaella recently joined the San Juan Singers.

  • Apr 9th, 2015 8:17pm

Ketchikan or bust: kindred spirits team up on ‘engine-less’ Race to Alaska

The first-ever “Race to Alaska,” brainchild of the Northwest Maritime Marine Center, is a 750-nautical-mile journey from Port Townsend to Ketchikan, Alaska. San Juan Island's Nick Wainwright, would-be pilot of a modestly sized and very unique boat, has his sights set on the $10,000 first-place prize.

  • Apr 3rd, 2015 11:38pm

On the water commute, another day in paradise

In most towns and cities, the word “commute” conjures an image of concrete, gridlock traffic jams—but not in the San Juan Islands.

  • Mar 25th, 2015 5:51pm

San Juan ‘whisperer,’ local girl takes the reins of her future

In her new business, Inherited Horsemanship LLC, which she opened in Dec. 2014, Emma Billington, 26, works closely with the horse and its owner to help create a lifelong relationship between the two.

  • Mar 19th, 2015 12:06am

Fight against proposed coal terminal captured on film, to screen for free

“Our Sacred Obligation” a documentary by Lummi tribal member Freddy Lane, chronicles the 22-day-long totem pole journey, and will screen for free at the San Juan Island Library, March 21, 7 p.m., as part of Ken Crawbuck’s series “Tragedy of the Commons.”

  • Mar 18th, 2015 3:14pm

Roadblocks removed; Homeland Security marks mid-summer for opening of new FH headquarters

“We hope to be completely moved out of the existing office in the next 3-5 months,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Michael Milne said of the agency's pending move of its Friday Harbor headquarters into the heart of town.

  • Mar 12th, 2015 5:28pm

Little garden, big bounty; Master Gardeners donate harvest

Compared to some of the larger demonstration gardens maintained by Master Gardeners across Washington state, the small plot on Mullis Street may not seem like much. But size doesn’t matter when it comes to the amount of crops it yields.

  • Mar 11th, 2015 6:20pm

2015 Orca Bowl: The road to nationals

Any student at FHHS can volunteer to be a part of the Orca Bowl teams, but it takes a certain kind of student to excel in this competition.

  • Mar 3rd, 2015 6:52pm

Data deficiency? Buying time?

NOAA says two years needed to decide on a possible expansion of orcas’ critical habitat

  • Mar 3rd, 2015 6:09pm

Newborn No. 3 bumps population up to 80

A newborn orca calf was sighted Feb. 25 about 15 miles off Westport, Greys Harbor.

  • Feb 27th, 2015 7:46pm

And baby makes two; introducing Iris June

A 21st century woman if there ever was one, Caitlyn Johnson followed a less-than conventional route to motherhood. And, she's delighted by the result.

  • Feb 27th, 2015 1:58am

Light House Preschool to host free open house

Visit classrooms, meet the teachers and learn about our curriculum for students two and half to five years old.

  • Feb 26th, 2015 12:26am

Land Bank celebrates 25 years of conservation

The Land Bank got its start in 1990 when a group of citizens became concerned over the quickening pace of development across the islands. The big idea was to conserve as much open space as possible.

  • Feb 24th, 2015 5:48pm

Next up in KYI Walks, Friday Harbor’s parks

The next installment of the award-winning Know Your Island Walk series will be Sat., Feb. 28 at 1 p.m.

  • Feb 20th, 2015 11:18pm

Coronation by ‘King of Glass’

IMA illuminated by glass artists in grand opening, Feb. 14

  • Feb 19th, 2015 11:06pm

Welcome to Almost, Maine: A town bordering on love

“Almost, Maine,” a romantic comedy directed by Carol Hooper, opens at San Juan Community Theatre Feb. 20, 7:30 p.m., and is sure to leave almost everyone in the audience smiling.

  • Feb 14th, 2015 12:19am

‘Insta-crush’: finding love in the digital age

What happens when a single dad on Lopez Island and a single mom in Oregon follow their passions, post them to Instagram, and then follow each over the course of a year? A modern day love story.

  • Feb 11th, 2015 5:47pm

Captive killer whale included in ESA listing of Southern Resident orcas

While welcome news for advocates of the orca whale that’s been living in captivity for more than forty years, the new status does not impact its residence at Miami’s Seaquarium.

  • Feb 7th, 2015 6:17pm

Promote health, two recipes for fermented foods

Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha contain live bacteria. When consumed they can help restore and maintain balance in the gut, and result in an improved overall health.

  • Feb 4th, 2015 8:16pm

Local woman goes the distance for the love of Dachshunds

The self proclaimed "crazy Dachshund bag lady," raises money for the veterinary care of rescue Dachshunds, and helps get them placed in forever homes.

  • Jan 31st, 2015 1:06am

Fish for Teeth: Great ‘catch’ for free dental care

The cost of dental work when you’re uninsured or underinsured that can be more frightening than the sound of the drill.

  • Jan 28th, 2015 9:08pm

Nature artists puts down roots on San Juan Islands

For the past three years, Jill Bliss has been wandering through the islands in the Pacific Northwest and landed in the San Juans, where she finally gets to live in the landscapes that inspire her art instead of just visiting them.

  • Jan 28th, 2015 8:56pm

Local dam removal initiative finds footing in Washington D.C.

What started as a petition to be submitted to Washington state congressional representatives will soon find its way to the nation’s capital.

  • Jan 28th, 2015 5:32pm

APS adopts temperament testing to help place pups in forever homes

Temperament testing gives shelter staff a preliminary understanding of a dog’s disposition by observing its reactions to a person its never met.

  • Jan 24th, 2015 10:38pm

Lavendera offers healing hands at monthly Community Wellness Night

Every third Thursday of the month, Lavendera offers a free “Community Wellness Night,” where you can sample their many services. Chair massage, Thai massage, and Reiki are popular forms of healing offered.

  • Jan 24th, 2015 10:34pm

Friday Harbor storm water pollution calls for ideas

As a project to raise awareness, the rain garden at the intersection of First and Spring streets has been a success. As a pollution filtration system to be applied on a larger scale? Not so much.

  • Jan 21st, 2015 11:24pm

‘Food for Thought’ program builds chef skills | San Juan Island School District

The smells from large batches of homemade food wafts beyond the high school grounds.

  • Jan 21st, 2015 12:06am

Same business, new location: Mosquito Fleet Mercantile moves house

After seven years owners Ron Bates and Sandy Montana shut the doors on their storefront located above the ferry terminal on A Street.

  • Jan 20th, 2015 8:04pm

Modern twist on classic characters in student production

Directed by Merritt and starring strictly high school students, the FHHS drama group presents “The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes,” a contemporary take on the classic tales of literature’s most famous detective. The curtain opens Jan. 15 at San Juan Community Theatre, 7:30 p.m.

  • Jan 14th, 2015 11:48pm

Mystery blankets newborn orca

The calf appeared to be healthy and energetic, swimming alongside its presumed mother. However, researchers immediately recognized some peculiarity surrounding its birth.

  • Jan 6th, 2015 7:23pm

SAD? Movement helps rid the winter blues

Seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal depression, is a real thing. King County reports that four to six people out of 100 experience the disorder prevalently, while 10 to 20 percent of people experience milder forms of the winter blues.

  • Jan 6th, 2015 6:44pm

Dana Lyons sails into Friday Harbor on the ‘Great Salish Sea Tour’

As part of the three-year “Great Salish Sea Tour,” Lyons returns to Friday Harbor to play a free show at the library, Jan. 3. The Bellingham-based songwriter talks about the tour and upcoming performance in a Q & A, below...

  • Jan 1st, 2015 3:00pm

Update: Newborn joins J-pod; mother may be missing

Unusual behavior of calf and signs of complicated birth cause researchers to question identity of the newborn's mother.

  • Dec 31st, 2014 11:31pm

In this annual year-end tally, every chirp counts

The Audubon Society’s annual Christmas Bird Count runs Dec. 14 to Jan. 5, and it delegates some of the counting responsibility to local chapters. The San Juan chapter's count takes flight, Saturday, Jan. 3.

  • Dec 31st, 2014 5:19pm

Top 10 stories 2014: Clash over art strikes in the heart of town

An uphill battle is precisely what the Legion found it had on its hands when it sought permission from the Town of Friday Harbor to paint a mural on the scruffy retaining wall below the back deck of its First Street building.

  • Dec 24th, 2014 2:26am

Push for ‘Whale Protection Zone’ seeks to limit stress on endangered orcas

In addition to lack of prey and pollution, disturbance by vessels is one of the three primary threats the beleaguered population faces in its struggle to survive, according to the Fisheries Service.

  • Dec 24th, 2014 2:23am

Veteran cyclists advocate ‘watchful’ winter rides

As the dark months of winter set in, it’s not only important for drivers to be more aware of surrounding cyclists, pedestrians and wildlife—but for cyclists to exercise increased caution as well.

  • Dec 18th, 2014 9:00pm