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Island children help stop appliance fire in its tracks

  • Sun Mar 21st, 2021 2:05pm
  • News

Submitted by San Juan Island Fire and Rescue

On Saturday afternoon, March 20, quick action by children, neighbors and San Juan Island Fire and Rescue prevented a small kitchen appliance fire from spreading or causing any injuries.

While children were playing outside of a multi-family residence, they were interrupted by a loud fire alarm from one of the apartments. The children ran off and alerted nearby adults, who immediately called 911. Several neighbors went to check on the resident, helping her to evacuate the apartment.

Career and volunteer SJIF&R Firefighter/EMTs quickly responded to the 911 call and extinguished the kitchen appliance fire. One person was examined for smoke inhalation, and there were no injuries, with minor damage. Additional responders were ready and standing by to respond as needed.

“The neighborhood children saved the day this afternoon,” said SJIF&R Chief Norvin Collins. “They wasted no time in getting adult attention to a possible emergency.” Chief Collins added, “We are grateful for the fast actions of the kids and adult neighbors. With their actions and help, they prevented a minor incident from becoming a serious fire.”

As a reminder to all our islands’ residents:

• Calling 911 as soon as possible is the key to saving life and property.

• If you have smoke in your home, evacuate immediately. Always close doors behind you and do not open windows. Call 911 as soon as you are outside and safe.

• Don’t try to remove appliances or other electrical items which are smoking or on fire. Close doors, evacuate and call 911.