Identity theft and forgery on Orcas

Sean Todd Morris, 32, of Redmond, Washington, is charged with identity theft in the second degree and forgery.

Morris did not show up at his arraignment in San Juan County Superior Court on June 23. A warrant has been ordered for his arrest. His bail was set at $10,000.

Between March 25 and April 17, 2017, six checks were cashed from an Orcas resident’s bank account for a total amount of $470.76. According to court documents, the alleged crime was committed while the checks were in the victim’s possession.

The cancelled checks allegedly show the victim’s account numbers on the bottom, but the name on them was Sean Morris with a Redmond address and his driver’s license number was written on them when they were cashed. The license number matches Morris’ name and address. The checks were cashed at Redmond and Bellevue businesses, according to the deputy’s report.

One of the store location’s had video surveillance of the check transaction. According to court documents, the video shot a subject, who looks like the driver’s license photo of Morris, presenting the checks, showing his license and leaving the store.

The victim told the reporting deputy that he did not recognize Morris. According to the report, Redmond police officials have reason to believe Morris’ address on his license is fake.