Cold weather shelter opens for several days

Submitted by United Way of San Juan County

United Way of San Juan County and the “Out of the Cold” Severe Weather Shelter program have enjoyed amazing community support in the shape of donations and volunteer commitments, and as the cold weather sets in the shelter will open for Feb. 19, 20 and possibly 21.

The shelter location for the predicted cold weather will be at the Presbyterian Church’s annex house, 395 Spring Street just next door to the church. Shelter openings work around several groups that also use the building. On Feb. 19, the opening will start at 7:15 p.m Anyone is welcome to visit, enjoy soup, and/or stay all night out of the cold.

There is enough volunteer coverage for two nights, with hope for a third night of coverage if the cold weather persists. Regular volunteers have been trained and all have mandatory background checks on file, however, anyone interested in volunteering should feel free to sign up on a “Volunteer in Training” slot, available for each of three shifts per night. To view time slots, current volunteer coverage and to sign up, click here.

United Way of San Juan County wishes to thank everyone involved for their ideas, input, time and donations to the program.