Work from a Washinton State Park

Work from a Washinton State Park

  • Fri Jun 26th, 2020 10:25am
  • Life

Submitted by Washington State Parks

This year has changed our lives in many ways, including how we work.

For those who can, teleworking from home has taken the place of working in an office. Yes, it’s been an effective way to decrease direct contact with groups of people and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. But it hasn’t always been so good for mental health and wellbeing.

Have you considered taking your work and commute to the great outdoors?

Washington State Parks invites you to consider a change of scenery while you get your work done.

Did you know you can save on overnight rates by staying at a state park mid-week? Weekend reservations at state parks can fill up quickly, but you can usually find plenty of availability for weekdays.

By staying at a park, you can get outside AND get fresh air while working. You can even bring the whole family, and let the kids play. Then, when the work and play are over, grab some family time with a nice dinner/barbecue at a park picnic table!

Or, maybe you’ve had enough closeness with your household and want to get away by yourself? Consider a solo camping trip with just your laptop for the company. Find inspiration while working outside.

Granted, some state parks don’t have good connectivity. Even without Wi-Fi, we’ve seen visitors plugging into their LTE networks, or just working offline until they get a chance to connect in a nearby town.

We recommend bringing a portable power station to keep your devices charged, regardless of whether you have access to A/C or not. This can give you three days or more power.

Working remotely at a state park

Get some fresh air and sunshine by working from a Washington state park!

If you have a flexible work schedule or a job that’s project-based, with a decent camping setup, you can really take advantage of Washington’s beautiful parks while working outside and enjoying your surroundings on your downtime. Taking a break to explore your surroundings with a hike or swim is a great way to relieve the stress of work.

Don’t have your own camping equipment? Try renting! We just formed a great partnership with Arrive Outdoors, and outdoor gear rental company. Learn more at

Enjoying the evening at a state park

You can step right into vacation mode when you work remotely from a Washington state park!

If you’re ready for some time outdoors, we’d love to see you. Make sure to follow a few key steps as you prepare:

Before you go, check the area you want to visit. Although counties are opening back up, many areas still have restrictions. Check the county and local visitor bureau websites for the latest information.

Make a reservation. Available sites are shown clearly on our reservation pages,

Shop where you live before you leave. Bring extra supplies and be prepared for stores to be closed, not well stocked or to have different operating hours than normal.

Be flexible. Registering at the park may be different than you have experienced before.

Trails or trailheads may be temporarily closed at parks.

Our goal is to help you enjoy your visit while recreating safely. Visit our COVID-19 webpage,—-COVID-19, to learn how we’re working to keep parks safe and what you can to do #RecreateResponsibly.

The outdoors is waiting for you. Make your reservation today!