There’s a lot to love about Friday Harbor

Students at local public and private schools were invited by The Journal to write about their hometown, in commemoration of Friday Harbor's centennial. We received a lot of great entries. A panel of judges picked these as the top entries.

Students at local public and private schools were invited by The Journal to write about their hometown, in commemoration of Friday Harbor’s centennial. We received a lot of great entries. A panel of judges picked these as the top entries.

Courtney Clark
Friday Harbor High School
Contest division: All grades

There once was a girl who lived in a place
Covered in daffodils and Queen Anne’s Lace
With the flowers she picked, she walked toward the town
The Farmers Market is where she was bound

With some change in her pocket she skipped toward the port
But when ice cream caught her eye, her skip was cut short
Cone in hand, she passed Popeye the Seal
And sat on the dock, the harbor’s beauty surreal

Along came boater as friendly as can be
He pointed her toward an orca far out at sea
With delight she thanked him, “What a kindly old man,”
But it was time for the show, so onward she ran

The community theater was her destination
The town was a-buzz with the latest acting creation
Community members were the most supportive around
Just another reason to love this town

One might ask: and what town is this?
“Friday Harbor, of course,” she answered in bliss
“A town of high spirits and good hearts all around,
Friday Harbor — there’s always a friend to be found.”

Dennie Armour
Griffin Bay School
Contest division: All grades

Everyone dreams of raising their family in a close-knit town that has security plus entertainment, a place where you can walk down the street any time of the day and feel safe.

I moved to Friday Harbor almost nine years ago and I fell in love with the island for many reasons. Whether for the security, the entertainment or the breath-taking views, the island swept me off my feet.

One reason I love Friday Harbor is because of the tight-knit community; you can’t walk down the street without getting a friendly smile or a wave. Our small community allows us to stand together during hard times and it has a large family feeling where you know you’re safe. You grew up around most of the people on the island and you’ve learned to look out for one another.

Another reason I love Friday Harbor is because of all of the things there are to do. The island isn’t a crazy big city like Las Vegas or New York, but it has plenty to do and see. Friday Harbor has so much history and so many historical places that the town becomes alive inside of you. There is something special about the island — when you’re on it, you just want to get off; but when you finally get off, you can’t wait to come back.

The island is more than just a town, it is a place you grow up knowing and a place you’ll never ever forget. From the south side to the west side, the island is filled with unique places and beauty so that it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s impossible not to love the island. It’s a beautiful place with amazing views and gorgeous beaches and it makes the island such a fun place in the summer for both kids and adults, and the small town is always bubbling with life, even on a rainy day.

That’s why I love Friday Harbor.

Owen Minney
Friday Harbor Elementary School
Contest division: grade 2

I like Friday Harbor because it is peaceful. It is the best place to have fun. You can see birds like cranes, robins, seagulls and crows. It has nice animals too. There are frogs, lizards, bunnies and foxes.

I like Friday Harbor because it has enough trees for homes and the air is sweet. Everyone is nice here.

I like Friday Harbor because it is fun. I ride my skateboard at the skate park. I like the water because it has fish in it. The trees are good for shade. I like the freedom to play at the park.

I think Friday Harbor is the best. You can make lots of friends. Friday Harbor is awesome. I love it.

Connor Brown
Paideia School
Contest division: grade 5

Friday Harbor has been in existence for over 100 years now. It is easy to write about my hometown, Friday Harbor, because I was born and raised here, so I love it.

I like that Friday Harbor is small and there are not many people here, which makes things quiet. When it’s quiet, you can hear things off in the distance like a bird or baby eagle. Also you can hear the ferry horn. It’s almost always noisy off-island.

At night, I love the sky because it is so beautiful and it is filled with stars. You can’t always see the stars in the city because it is so bright from all the industry, street lights and people leaving lights on in big buildings.

It’s very safe here so we can often walk or ride bikes to town. I’m happy that there aren’t any gangs here and there aren’t many drunk drivers so we don’t get hurt. On the island, the speed limits are low so we don’t get out of control. Off-island drivers are hassled and have a bad attitude. Of course, nobody likes traffic and here there isn’t much of that.

You can also do the things you like to do off-island in Friday Harbor. We have football, baseball, golf and snowball fights. We also have restaurants but only one-fast food, Vic’s. We have great places to visit: Fourth of July Beach, Eagle Cove, San Juan Community Theater, Palace Theater and the bowling alley. My favorite event is the fair because there are rides, good food and you can get together with family.

Friday Harbor is an amazing town. There is more than meets the eye. Why don’t you come live here? Life is good.

Libby Andersen
Paideia School
Contest division: grades 6-8

I love Friday Harbor. Our town is very small and peaceful. There aren’t any tall buildings, traffic jams or pollution in the air. You know practically everyone who lives here and they know you.

In the winter, the town is quiet without all the tourists. In the summer, it’s hot and busy. In town, you see beautiful views of the harbor, where the ferry dock is near the ice cream shop.

I love Friday Harbor’s activities. I like going to the parks and beaches where you can walk your dog or relax and swim. I like to go and look at the whales at the whale-watching area, where we might see orca whales, and sometimes even gray whales. I love seeing the whales splash and stick their tails up.

There is Island Rec, which offers soccer, basketball, roller blading, swimming, biking and archery. I love the San Juan County Fair with fast, exciting rides that make you dizzy. I love looking at and petting the animals in the barns, and seeing all the wonderful artwork by the really talented people on the island. I also love the food they sell at the food court (corn dogs and curly fires are my favorite!). I like all the different 4-H clubs they offer here in Friday Harbor, especially Pig 4-H, which I’ve been a part of for two years.

I love the fact that you can see a clear view of the sunset behind the wetlands at our home most evenings. The orange and pink colors are a nice way to end the day.

I love that living in Friday Harbor is like having a big family that cares about you and you can go to bed feeling safe each night.

Chloe Schutza
Stillpoint School
Contest division: grades K-1

I love Friday Harbor because I live here and it is the best town. I love all the birds chirping. I love all the sparkly fog. I love all the beautiful bricks on the courthouse. I love Friday Harbor.

Abbi Havenar
Stillpoint School
Contest division: grades 2-4

Friday Harbor is the best in the world! I love so much about it.

First, I love the docks because of the waves and Popeye. Popeye is so silky and nice. I also love the trees. The evergreen trees smell so good. I also love all the friends here. You can make a lot of friends in one day!

The town is so small. You can walk everywhere. I love our town! It’s the best place in the whole, wide world!