Sue | Pet of the Week

  • Wed Jul 3rd, 2019 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by the Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor

Hello. My name is Sue.

I am not an egocentric feline like many of my species tend to be, I prefer wizened elder who has attained enlightenment. I do quite enjoy the company of humans. I am a petite senior with some “special needs”. It’s nothing burdensome, I simply require a human who similarly appreciates a quiet home without tiny humans, unevolved mutts, or rambunctious kittens. Play me Bach or Mozart, ploy me with tuna pate and I’ll purr you into sweet nirvana.

I humbly wait, with classy paws crossed, for the day my highly evolved human finally comes for me.

Kindly from the Animal Shelter,


For more information about myself and my friends, call 360-378-2158, 360-378-2159 or visit

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