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Six top reasons why visiting an art museum is excellent for your health

  • Fri Nov 6th, 2020 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by the San Juan Islands Museum of Art

Being cooped up in our homes for many weeks, being on alert to maintain social distancing, not being able to travel or see relatives is stressful. We could all need some time to decompress and reduce anxiety. Visiting an art museum is a relaxing and serene way to find some peace in our lives. Discover the many ways art enriches lives at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art.

Number one:

People are happier having and reliving a pleasant experience is rated higher than buying goods; so say numerous studies.

Number two:

Visiting museums can enliven your discussions at ZOOM cocktail hours with friends and help fuel your discussions at other social gatherings. Art museums offer a variety of subjects that transcend cultural boundaries.

Number three:

Look at the world differently! Expand your horizons as art allows you to change perspectives. At SJIMA until Dec. 7, Sam Stubblefield’s exhibit- SPACE, MUSES, ETC. demonstrates how technology interacts with ideas to create art. Every piece of art tells a story where you can put yourself in the artist’s shoes and experience some of their emotions.

Number four:

We all learn creativity and have fun via the arts-especially kids. Try a pandemic survival kit and take advantage of the SJIMA take-away Family Art Packs. The whole household can participate safely in your own home. Go to to “Learn” to find more details.

Number five:

Quietly viewing beautiful works of art and contemplating their meaning is like taking time to meditate on your own life and find peace and tranquility.

Number six:

Exhibits make you smarter as they inspire interest in an item, time period, or a new idea. There is much to learn from the information associated with each show. The mission of SJIMA is to champion that which makes our islands unique treasures while encouraging learning and enriching the community.

Visit an art museum to relax, learn, have fun and leave with a lighter heart.

SJIMA is open from 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Friday-Monday. Admission is $10 and free to members and those 18 and under. Mondays are Pay As You Can Days. SJIMA is located at 540 Spring St. in Friday Harbor. See for more information. COVID precautions and procedures are in effect. If you do not have a mask, SJIMA will provide one.