San Juan Islands’ Firefighter Association Hosts A Special Social Distancing Edition of the Annual Easter Decoration Hunt

  • Thu Apr 9th, 2020 4:58pm
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Submitted by San Juan Islands’ Firefighter Association

The San Juan Islands’ Firefighter Association will host a special, safe, social distancing edition of the annual Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, April 12.

This year the association is offering a family scavenger hunt. Your Firefighter Association, in cooperation with the Easter Bunny, will have six special Easter decorations viewable at each of our Island’s fire stations.

The annual family Easter Egg Hunt has been hosted by the Firefighter Association for more than 25 years and has historically been held at Jackson Beach. Instead of canceling this tradition due to the COVID-19 health pandemic, the association created a safe, fun, socially distanced outing for families.

You may know that our main Fire Station is on Mullis St., but do you know where the other five stations are? There will be special Easter decorations at each of the six SJIF&R fire stations that you will be able to see as you drive past on the road.

In the next day or so, a special scavenger sheet will be available for you on the San Juan Island Fire and Rescue website to download from

(or use blank piece of paper and make four big boxes on one side and two on the other side).

Safety First: We need to ensure we are maintaining social distancing. Only families that have been housed together during the COVID-19 crisis can participate. We need to keep our islands safe!

⦁ Please note for safety during COVID-19, no bathrooms will be available at the fire stations and no one should leave their car.

⦁ Please drive by slowly and do not pull off at the fire stations or get out to walk around the fire stations.

⦁ You can bring a lunch or snacks for your car ride around San Juan Island for the scavenger hunt, but please do not picnic or gather at the fire stations.

To Begin: Grab your crayons and a blank print-out of the scavenger sheet (or a blank piece of paper and make four big boxes on one side and two on the other side).

Travel: Drive to any or all of the six fire stations on San Juan Island to discover a special Easter decoration that will be visible from your car on the road. View the decoration, photograph it, and draw it on the blank drawing page that follows. Please do not exit your car.

The six San Juan Island Fire and Rescue Stations on the scavenger hunt. You can visit the stations in any order you’d like!

⦁ Mullis Station, 1011 Mullis Street

⦁ Cape Fire Station, 488 Island Drive

⦁ Little Mountain Station, 3189 Bailer Hill Road

⦁ Sunset Point Station, 5174 West Side Road

⦁ Roche Harbor Station, 32 Cessna Drive

⦁ Eagle Crest Station, 367 Three Corner Lake Road, off Egg Lake Road

Finish Line: After visiting each of the island’s fire stations, share your work with the rest of the community by posting a photo on your favorite social media using #sjieaster2020.

Thank you for all you are doing to keep our island safe during this challenging time. We hope you have fun and thank you for keeping this island tradition alive!