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Pet of the Week | Tiramisu

  • Mon Oct 11th, 2021 2:18pm
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Age: 11 years

Sex: Female

Breed: Tortie

Origin: Orcas Island

Weight: 9 pounds

Personality: Mysterious, superstitious, talkative gremlin and mesmerizing

Energy Level: Medium-low

Likes: Wand play, cursing cats, high perches, silver-tongued talks and storytelling

Dislikes: Kids, catnip concoctions and cute curious cats

Eye of newt, wing of bat, this is one cool, crazy, calico cat. From dusk till dawn she’ll spellbind you and tell you telepathically what it is you should do. No handsy hands, no fast feet, but if you conjure them up, she will take some tasty treats. Cat nor kid does she want to greet. Make your motions fluid and smooth, your voice soft and sweet, and she’ll be the best feline you ever did meet. Lap sits, forehead rubs, and honeyed words is the best she can do, it is what it is, let her come to you. Follow these strange steps true and through, you could be the one to change her hiss to a coo.

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