Orca Recovery Day Movie Night at the Grange

Submitted by event organizers.

Orca recovery day is Saturday, Oct. 14. Our orca are near extinction. We can help the fish recover by improving their They are starving. habitat at shorelines and along rivers, but- Their main food, chinook salmon, are also near extinction. The single, most important thing we can do for salmon is recreate a free-flowing Snake River- this year.

Join us on Oct. 14 for Recovery Day Movie Night 7 p.m. at the Grange, and enjoy fresh-pressed cider and ginger snaps. Admission is free, but donations to “Dam Nonsense” are gladly accepted.

Watch eye-opening, engaging, short documentaries, including “Struggle for the Snake” (30 minutes, 1971). Dam builders were warned- even before the dams were built!

Get a sneak peek at “Dam Nonsense,” the upcoming documentary feature film, in production now, that will disclose why it has taken decades to breach the salmon-killing dams on the Lower Snake River.

Afterward, there will be a virtual Q&A with John Carlos Frey, award-winning investigative reporter, who is directing “Dam Nonsense.”

Sponsored by:

Pacific Sciences Institute Legal Rights for the Salish Sea