New Island Marble Butterfly website flies forward

Submitted by On Sacred Ground.

The new Island Marble Butterfly Hub website is available at Visit the Island Marble Butterfly Volunteer Program’s website for up-to-date information about how to get involved with conservation of this endangered species. Only 200–500 individuals remain today. At the hub, you can learn about their lifecycle and how you can help expand their habitat to help the butterfly recover. Information is also available if you are interested in adding island marble butterfly habitat to your land or donating to the volunteer program.

On Sacred Ground Land Trust (OSG) established the volunteer program in 2021 under a cooperative agreement with United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). OSG is a 501(c)3 non-profit that aims to restore our deep connection to all living beings in order to create a biodiverse, abundant and harmonious relationship with our planet. The mission of the volunteer program is to provide an opportunity for community engagement to prevent extinction and promote recovery of the island marble butterfly.

The website provides opportunities to engage with island marble butterfly recovery efforts. We are building a core group of dedicated island marble butterfly volunteers who will play an important role in species recovery. New events and activities will be posted on the hub website. Habitat conservation will mostly consist of standard gardening techniques, though other activities like outreach, fundraising, and education will be featured too. Activities will be highlighted on the home page and events page. Watch the hub for island marble butterfly events and activities.

The website also includes information on the island marble butterfly’s life cycle and ecology as well as updates about ongoing recovery efforts. What does the island marble butterfly look like? What is its habitat? Information about threats such as habitat loss and deer as well as what work is being done now that butterfly is listed as an endangered species can be found on the website.

Other ways to help besides volunteering include adding habitat on your land and donating to the volunteer program. Private landowners interested in creating island marble butterfly habitat with USFWS’ Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program (PFW) on their land can find more information about this voluntary program on the hub. Additionally, donations made on the website go a long way to help the program grow. Donations go toward tools, supplies, equipment, and software to help maintain island marble butterfly habitat. Larger donations support habitat conservation implementations, program operations costs, and purchase of larger equipment.

Visit to learn more about this fascinating butterfly and how you can get involved with species recovery. The hub is designed to provide an easy way for all to engage with this effort. The island marble butterfly needs all the help it can get whether you can add habitat to your property, contribute your time by gardening host plants in protected habitats, or donate to help the volunteer program meet the needs of the butterfly. The Island Marble Butterfly Hub is a versatile, up-to-date resource for all things island marble butterfly.

For information, please visit our site or contact volunteer coordinator Walt Andrews at