Melodious Notes will float over the harbor April 6

Chamber musicians “Melodious Notes over the Harbor” will be performing their 12th concert at the San Juan Community Theatre April 6. The music begins at 7:30 p.m.

“The group is a mix of on and off-island folks. We work really well together,” Sue Collado said. “We each collaborate and find something to play.”

The group, consists of seven musicians; including Collado, Sasha von Dassow, Elizabeth Schaltenbrand, Kay Zavislak, Kim Breilein, Pat Nelson and Hanneke Klein-Robbenhaar. With members scattered both on and off-island, logistics can be tricky. Nonetheless, they have been working hard all year cooking up a concert full of complex modern and older beloved pieces.

This year the concert begins with von Dassow on cello, playing Suite No. 3 in C Major by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Next, Schaltenbrand joins Collado, on clarinet, and von Dassow on cello in performing Trio Op. 44 by Louise Farrenc. For those unfamiliar with Farrenc, she is one of the few women from the 1800s who was able to write and publish her music. “If you look back in textbooks, there are not very many published women composers in the 1800s,” Collado explained, adding that Farrenc was also a piano professor and concert pianist, both uncommon titles for women during that time period.

“Her music is romantic, gentle and lovely,” Collado said. After she died, her music became overlooked. Her work still existed, however, and more of her pieces are beginning to be published and played.

Jenni Brandon is a modern composer. Collado will be on clarinet, joined by Breilein on flute and Nelson on bassoon as they perform Brandon’s “L’Etoile du Nord.”

“L’Etoile du Nord” is French for North Star. Brandon’s forte is storytelling, according to Collado, which is present in ‘L’Etoile du Nord.” Brandon comes from Minnesota, and this piece reflects the state motto, and donors the beauty of Minnesota and the Native Americans.

The story begins with the “North Star,” a guiding song, much like the North Star itself. “The Loon” depicts the loons on the lake, while the last part, “The Call,” is mournful as the loons search for each other.

Zavislak will delve into Fredric Chopin, her specialty, as she plays Ballade No 3 in Ab Major on the piano.

The concert takes on a more modern-feel again, with Alex Shapiro’s “Evensong Suite.” Shapiro was commissioned to write “Evensong” by the Episcopal Church in 1999. The music follows a traditional evening prayer, and represents different aspects of church service; reading, prayers and music. “It shows off Alex’s use of melody with strong pulsing rhythm that she later developed into the electroacoustic music she is known for today,” Collado said.

Turning back to the past, Breilein, Nelson and Zavislad will perform “Aquarelles” by Philippe Gaubert. Von Dassow, Shaltenbrand and Klein-Robbenhaar will play Felix Mendelssohn’s Trio no 1 in D Minor. “This is beautiful but difficult,” Collato said. When asked what made it difficult she laughed, “Well, how many fast notes can you play in a minute?” Collodo added that not only is it fast-paced, the music is also very technical. “Trios’ has been called stunning. You have to have special people to play it well,” Collado said.

Tickets are $25 for adults, $15 for students. To learn more, or purchase tickets, visit