Jill Rae Woody : 1948-2015 | Passages

Jill Woody

Jill Woody

“There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.”

So reads a plaque prominently displayed in the home of Jill Woody.  Those who have had the privilege of meeting her knew that Jill lived her life by these words and exemplified a spirit of gratitude, optimism, and passion that few others rival.

Jill’s professional endeavors were diverse: from acclaimed high school drama teacher she went on to perform in plays in New York and on tours including “Annie,” during which time she met and married the love of her life, Jack Woody. Jill was a teacher, an actress, a director, an entrepreneur, a vocational rehabilitation counselor, a foster parent, and she ultimately retired as a social worker for children and families, always giving back to her community. She accomplished all of these feats while having overcome many adversities, none the least of which was re-learning how to speak and walk after surviving a massive stroke in her mid-twenties.

Jill was a lover of nature, a loyal friend, and a creative soul who passed away suddenly only a year after having moved to her dream home and community on San Juan Island. She was preceded by her beloved husband, Jack, her grandmother, Nana, her aunts Lois and Mayme, her mother, Bonnie Lang, and her precious dogs Max, Greta, Gretchen, and Chloe whom she treated better than royalty.  She is survived by her sister, Holly, her niece, Karri, her great-nieces, Mandi and Charity, and her cousin, Greg.