Fish for Teeth fundraiser “Taco Attack” at Brickworks

Submitted by Fish for Teeth

Fish for Teeth is pleased to announce our Fish Taco Fundraiser is returning to Friday Harbor on Thursday, Nov. 16 from 11 a.m. to 1 pm. The “Taco Attack” will be set up in the Brickworks plaza in Friday Harbor.

Each taco is $9.00, and all proceeds benefit Fish for Teeth and its re-vamped tooth-fixing program in Friday Harbor. These tacos are more like burritos, made with a large flour (or corn) tortilla, a generous portion of sustainably harvested Washington-coastal rockfish, Tillamook cheese, premium salsa, crispy greens and topped off with a squeeze of lime… you’ve got yourself a classic Fish for Teeth made-with-love fish taco that will easily satisfy the healthiest appetite.

Fish for Teeth has quietly supported the island’s dental needs through a grant that has provided County-wide dental care with the Medical Teams International Mobile Dental Van; last year 437 people received dental care through this program. After four years, the grant has ended, and continuing the existing model is not sustainable due to increased costs and logistics. Fish for Teeth is re-inventing the solution to our islands’ challenging dental needs with a streamlined approach that will scale back costs, yet still provide the care to cover the significant number of individuals who do not have access to dental care on San Juan Island.

Fish for Teeth began sponsoring the MTI dental van in 2012, and it has returned three to four times each year ever since. Our new program will not involve the MTI van, but it will require a network of community support that will create deep and sustaining ownership of Friday Harbor’s dental program. As always, there are no income parameters for those who receive our services. If someone is in need of dental care and cannot afford the care, Fish for Teeth is here to help.

To apply for dental services, or to make a donation, please visit our website at