“Author Talks” features Jon Howe

Submitted by the Griffin Bay Bookstore

Griffin Bay Bookstore and the San Juan Island Library are co-hosting San Juan Island author Jon Howe reading from his new novel, “Shanghaied.” Jon will read at the San Juan Island Library on Wednesday, Dec.6 at 7 p.m.

Jon Howe grew up along the Gulf Coast of Florida. A few years after college, he moved to the Pacific Northwest, got his captain’s license and has been sailing ever since. He now lives and writes on San Juan Island.

“Shanghaied” tells the story of New Englander Eaman McGrath, who was shanghaied in the fall of 1810 to work aboard a merchant vessel. He is profoundly changed by a journey filled with cruelty and loss, and displays extraordinary perseverance as he discovers the world and much about others and himself. What will he find if he make it home again?

Join us at the Library for what will be an entertaining evening, and get your copy of “Shanghaied” signed by the author. It will make a great gift!