Vote Smart | Letter

It is very important to register and vote in every election. Your vote is your voice. In San Juan County, the deadline for in-person registration and voter updates closes at 8 p.m. on March 10, the date of the Presidential Primary. Your Presidential Primary Voter’s Pamphlet will be mailed from Feb. 12-19.

Having access to unbiased, non-partisan, factual information about politicians is vital to our decision-making. is FREE and you can instantly see any information about any politician.

1. Every key vote ever made listed by subject with easy to understand descriptions of how that vote affected you.

2. Their positions on each major issue facing the nation.

3. A list of their major financial backers.

4. Their biographical background in detail.

Vote Smart takes no funds from special interests. They just collect the facts and share them. is accessible on any device, desktop, tablet or phone. All is free, easy to use and easy to understand. You can call the Vote Smart hotline at 888-Vote-Smart to speak with a researcher who will help you find the facts or even download the mobile app OnPoint to connect you to information wherever you go.

Check out the 60-second video at Vote Smart 60 Second PSA.

Beverly Leyman