Transitions | Letter

Perhaps we can agree that much of the fuzzy thinking, half-measures and inertia in responding to obvious threats to our collective well-being are emotionally overwhelming. The sands of time are trickling away. Many friends mention listening to fewer and fewer news programs. National and regional issues are maddeningly complex and beyond our ability to participate in or to feel counted. It was not always this way.

There is a productive way to overcome feeling like a helpless bystander, far beyond Rant and Rave! Think local, act local, celebrate local. We enjoy a strong sense of community, nurtured by an inspiring natural landscape, that is a priceless common denominator. We cannot escape all of the frustrations, dysfunction and polarization of modern life, but engaged residents working together can alter the arc of history here. We can anticipate likely socio-economic shocks and disruptions and build in community resilience that expands future options.

Transition San Juan Island is all about community self-determination and partnering with organizations and county government to implement sound, resilient policies that to the greatest degree possible reduce our vulnerability to disruptions beyond our control. There are convergent efforts underway today to make this a model county in terms of carbon reduction, renewable energy production and sustainable practices. In time this re-localizes entrepreneurial opportunity, jobs, new tourism and critical food and energy security.

To learn more and join your neighbors in action join us on March 1 from 3-6 p.m. at the Mullis Center.

Steve Ulvi

San Juan Island