The power of boxing exercise

Thanks to the editor for pointing out that the article on “Empowering Young Women to Box” does not involve any physical contact with one another at all.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Fishaut did not investigate the class before writing such a negative letter on boxing as it is a Boxing Training Class and is a confidence builder as well as a physical conditioning class. It is one of the best all-around training programs available in sports that will tone and strengthen muscles, as well as improve coordination.

What a shame Mr. Fishaut confused this Boxing Training Class with actual boxing. Booboo’s program is pasitive, encouraging, and non-competitive. It would be very disappointing is Mr. Fishaut’s letter cast any negativity on Booboo’s class. It is a fantastic class and has changed my life for the better. It is the best physical exercise for body and mind that I have ever experienced. Believe me, as a woman in my mid 50’s…I have tried them all! I am so disappointed I did not discover this program as a young lady in high school.

I encourage you all, including you Mr. Fishaut to experience her class at least once. If you are serious about increasing energy, toning and tightening muscles, improving your self-image, you will come again and again. Hope to see you there!

Julie Curley

San Juan Island