Marrett for Port | Letters

We support Barbara Marrett for re-election as Port of Friday Harbor Commissioner. She’s tremendously committed and hard-working, thoughtful and analytical, open to others’ perceptions and opinions, and always concerned with what’s best for the port district and San Juan Island in general. We can’t imagine how the port district could do better than re-electing Barbara Marrett, so let’s do it!

Suzanne and Hawkins Pingree

San Juan Island

Barbara Marrett has my vote for reelection as port commissioner. Barbara has served our community in several key leadership capacities for 39-plus years. I have continually been impressed with Barbara’s ability to immerse herself into complicated issues such as FAA master plans that involve many complex parts and significant sums of public money.

Barbara continually shows herself as an excellent steward of public money. For example, Barbara has shown tenacity and willing to challenge FAA edicts, that if followed would significantly increase the operating costs up our airport. She really watches the dollars both at the airport and at the port. I appreciate that.

I believe our community is fortunate to have a person of Barbra’s intellect, tenacity, and experience to serve as port commissioner. Barbara has my vote hands down.

Thank you for considering.

Bob Brunkow

Friday Harbor