Loftus is concerned about doing whats right for the community | Letters

Michelle Loftus DVM has the experience we need for San Juan County Public Hospital District Commissioner Position 2.

Our healthcare concerns can become overwhelming at times. Anyone who has been around Michelle for long knows the calm, steadying spirit she has. We need leaders like that.

Michelle is a person we can rely on to make tough decisions and implement them. She is not concerned about being popular but will always strive to do the right thing. Michelle has had leadership roles in our county with the Economic Development Council, the Grange, Prevention Coalition, APS and Wolfhollow, and through managing her own business.

In those positions she demonstrated the courage to resolve challenges – just what we need in this PHD position. This is her field. As a medical professional for 29 years, Michelle has great insight into our EMS and PIMC needs. And her knowledge of our diverse county is as strong as her passion to serve us.  Vote for Michelle Loftus for SJCPHD position 2.

Judah Finney

San Juan Island