Jason Call for congress|Letter

Jason Call for congress|Letter

Our job as voters is very important and if done right it could lead us to the changes many of us think we need.

For the last two decades we’ve had Congressman Rick Larsen as our representative, and like many others here and elsewhere in his/our voting district, if we want to see those desperately needed changes it’s become painfully obvious it won’t be with Rick Larsen supposedly representing us. After the election of 2016, many of us decided we then had all the proof needed to know who he represented, and it definitely wasn’t the majority when he chose to ignore almost 80 percent of his constituents, using his status as Super Delegate to vote for the corporate DNC favorite instead of the people!

We live in a top-two primary state where the top two on the primary ballot, regardless of political party, go on to the General Election. By a strong majority, our voting district and Washington are Democrat and probably will stay that way, which means if we play it smart our choice should be between two Democrats. And fortunately, this year if you’re a progressive or just tired of moving in the direction that led us to where we are today, type in “Jason Call for Congress” and give him our vote of trust.

I think this person is exactly who we need and fortunately, We live in a state where the people should be in charge instead of the corporate DNC.

John Cook

Orcas Island