Help Granny’s family survive | Letter

We are all in the Salish Sea mourning the loss of Granny, who inspired us all. Imagine what she witnessed in her many years of life in the sea … the industrialization of the Salish Sea – our hands changing her oceans soundscape from quiet canoes to steamship to louder and larger cargo and Tanker ships. She swam through waters we polluted and taught her family to hunt on salmon we blocked with dams.

She was a survivor. And an icon for our region, and a great grandmother of us all. With only 78 Southern resident killer whales remaining we have to act now to clean up our waters, return salmon to their rivers, reduce noise and close encounters from ships, prevent oil spills.

Sit by the ocean and send her family prayers. Sit at your computer and phone to ask our state and federal politicians and agencies for more salmon, clean toxic free water and quieter safer seas, free of oil spills and human waste.

Stephanie Buffum

Friends of the San Juans